• "As the leading man in Stop/Eject, Oliver brought bags of charm, warmth and believability without which the whole film would have failed."

    Neil Oseman, Director of Stop/Eject

  • "Oliver’s approach to a role is intelligent and entire. During the shoot, he intuitively and guilefully conjured a necessary spark within a three-actor dynamic. Top value."

    Mat Jon, Writer/Director of Tenants

  • "Oliver is a talented actor who immerses himself into a role with skill, energy and enthusiasm. A pleasure to work with."

    Bulent Ozdemir, Writer/Director of The Soldier, www.wolfvalleyfilms.com

  • "Oliver has the profound ability to create a persona in multifaceted and humanizing way, resulting in a performance that is both enigmatic and mesmerising."

    Jack Darcy Searle, Director of Fratton


Oliver Park is an award-winning British actor, born and raised in Bath, England. Oliver started in stage acting at Bath's Theatre Royal and went on to receive training at several institutions including The Poor School, Gest Chapter Arts and ITV. Alongside his acting career, Oliver was also awarded a degree in Architecture (BSc).

Oliver went on to achieve lead roles in music videos, TV, numerous short films and several feature films including the multi-award winning 'Shank'. As a result of this performance, the production team behind the film, Bonne Idee Productions, wrote parts especially for Oliver in their two follow-up productions - "Release" and "Buffering", both of which went on to secure US and UK distribution on DVD, as well as critical acclaim from festivals around the world.

More recently Oliver has had lead roles in a number of films including Neil Oseman’s ‘Stop/Eject’, which was shortlisted for BAFTA 2015, Simon Pearce's 'Watch Over Me' (Winner of 'Best Action Short' (New York 2014) and 'Platinum Remi' for best drama (Houston 2015)), Jack Searle’s ‘Fratton’, Darren Flaxstone’s ‘Dark Vision’ and Devon Avery's French Action/Drama 'Synced'.

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